• CCTV Chimney Inspections

    JR Chimney & Flue Ltd provide CCTV Chimney Inspections in and around the South West conducted by trained experts with only the best state of the art technology.


    If you have an issue with your chimney the first port of call should be to have a CCTV Inspection to identify the problem and its location.


    We undertake detailed internal inspections of the inside of the chimney, quickly and cleanly and our equipment captures video and images from numerous angles to provide you with footage and a detailed report with our feedback and recommendations on how to irradiate all issues.


    The chimney must be swept first to remove any soot or debris that has built up inside to ensure it does not hide any damage and we don't miss anything while investigating the flue, this part of the inspection takes around an hour depending on the height and general condition of the inner chimney.

    When Would You Need An Inspection ?


    After a chimney fire

    After a birds nest has been removed

    To visually check the integrity of a chimney system and flue.

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