• Solid Fuel Service & Maintenance

    HETAS recommends that all chimneys undergo an annual service / maintenance inspection for insurance compliance.


    To ensure that the solid fuel appliance is working as efficiently and clean as possible, that it is kept in the best working condition and economical state for fit & safe purpose and ensures you get the maximum out of the appliance with the least harmful effects on the environment.


    The stove should be thoroughly cleaned and inspected for faults and all flue joint should be inspected and checked for leaks.


    We insist all repair work should be carried out immediately.


    Without regular cleaning, soot & creosote residue can build up, which is one of the major causes of chimney fires and is one of the main contributors of damage, cracks & holes, which could reduce the extraction capabilities & allow hazardous gases & fumes and even carbon monoxide to enter your family home.

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